Sudbury House, Wandsworth

Sudbury House tower block above the Southside shopping centre in Wandsworth opened in 1971 as an Arndale Centre development. At the time it was the largest shopping centre in Europe. It occupies much of the centre of Wandsworth, and the River Wandle runs in a tunnel underneath. 


The tower was completed for occupancy in 1975 and has 24 floors overground and one underground totalling 25 floors. It iis a residential block consisting of 132 social housing flats.


After the tragic Grenfell Tower fire an initial report written for Wandsworth Council concluded in conjunction with the various departments within the Council, that full renewal with a modern compliant over cladding system was the most satisfactory way forward. This would ensure in the shortest practical timescales that the highest safety standards for residents could be achieved.


The project involves replacement of the existing facade with aluminium composite panels, replacement of windows and installation of fireproof membranes to the interior and exterior of the flats. Additionally, the fitment of fire stops around each window and flue sealing off any air flow are being fitted. Each flat has both vertical and horizonal firestops between the outer fireboard and the facade panels preventing any spread of fire or smoke from flat to flat.


All of the works are carried out with residents in-situ during the two weeks required for the removal and fit of the windows and fire breaks.



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